Sustainability Policy Statement

The Orchard Fruit Company (including OrchardWorld & Norton Folgate) is fully committed to being a sustainable business and this commitment forms a fundamental part of our wider Social Responsibilities.

Sound sustainable development is also key to our environmental commitment and supports being a responsible business with a social purpose beyond its immediate boundaries.

This policy helps The Orchard Fruit Company to:

  • Consider the resource impacts of our activities

  • Consider the integration of sustainability into the products we offer our customers
  • Consider how we support and participate in the communities in which we operate
  • Consider our obligations to secure the well-being of future generations

Our sustainability policy is based upon the following 10 principles:

1. Reducing emissions by adopting a ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ philisophy (SDG13).
2. Collaboration across supply chains to increase water-use efficiently and protect against scarcity (SDG6).
3. Embracing the values of the circular economy, by encouraging a reduction in the use of pesticides and promoting the enhancement of biodiversity (SDG15).
4. Improving efficiency; investing to maintain high standards, goods quality of life and resilience to economic buffers, all achieved with integrity (SDG12).
5. Compliance with applicable legislation and adoption of appropriate codes of practice (SDG16).
6. Encouraging high standards of well-being within our / suppliers’ businesses to create a stimulating, supportive, inclusive environment with respect fot local communities and ethical treatment of all those in the workplace (SDG16).
7. Making key suppliers aware of our Sustainability Policy and encouraging them to adopt sustainable management practices.
8. Ensuring that all staff are aware of our Sustainability Policy and embrace its principles.
9. Reporting, both internally and externally, on our sustainability initiatives.
10. Regularly reviewing this policy as the business evolves, ensuring it continues to be in line with current best practice.

Our Sustainability Strategy: Practical Steps

To put the ten policy principles into practice, we will strive towards the following actions:

a. Nominate at least one representative for sustainability and environmental matters/issues, who can be a first point of contact for sustainability/environmental issues and provide guidance/assistance for using company property, equipment and assets to the maximum efficiency.
b. Purchase electricity from providers who can guarantee that it comes from renewable or lowcarbon sources.
c. Use collaborative technologies such as video conferencing or teleconferencing wherever possible to reduce business travel.
d. Encourage greater use of public transport through the implementation of Group and local carbon conscious business travel policies.
e. Reduce the energy consumption of office equipment by investing in energy-efficient equipment.
f. Minimise our use of paper and other office consumables.
g. Recycle all possible office waste. Work with cleaning providers to establish the full waste stream availability.
h. Carefully evaluate the potential benefits of single-use items as well as robust products with built in longevity.
i. Ensure that timber furniture, or any other timber products (pallets), are from well-managed, sustainable sources and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.
j. Purchase fair-trade and/or eco-certified supplies wherever possible and practical.
k. Seek to work with local suppliers and support the local economy whenever possible.
l. Seek to collaborate with partners who can help develop innovative approaches to sustainability.

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