Norton Folgate

Meet the Norton Folgate team

Meet our dedicated team of experts who work tirelessly behind the scenes, carefully selecting and delivering only the highest quality fruits for you to enjoy.

Our Team

Mark Culley
Managing Director

Mark has been at the helm of our business for more than 30 years. He is very proud of the close relationships with growers and packers, some of which have been with the business for the full three decades.

Tom Waterman
Senior Commercial Manager

Tom has been with Norton Folgate since 2013 and manages all Sales. He remains as keen as ever to deliver good quality fruit to our customers in both UK and Overseas markets. Being a foodie himself, Tom wants to ensure that what we sell is always the best it can be!

Bruce McGlashan

Bruce has worked in the Produce Industry for over 20 years, handling a wide range of fruits and salads. Since joining in 2017, he has enjoyed the wide variety of day-to-day challenges and states there is rarely a dull moment.

Matt Hancock
Cherry Specialist

Meet Matt, our Cherry expert. With over 30 years experience in the Cherry industry and wider fruit business he has a passion for all things Cherry. He is also author of “Celebrating the Cherry” the definitive guide to the modern Cherry industry.

Sam Carter
Procurement Manager

Sam joined the group in 2007 and has been with Norton Folgate since 2017. He started his 16 year Citrus experience as a QC but now manages all procurement for Citrus and Cherries. His strong relationships with our growers have delivered a reliable and loyal platform.

Michal Litwinczuk
Senior Technical Manager

Michal has worked with Fresh Produce for 17 years and is very much customer focused. Often faced with challenges, he is very good at finding the right solutions, interfacing with customers, and implementing processes to achieve compliance and efficiencies.

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